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The world’s newest religion just might be its worst…

July 7, 2010

It’s likely the worst legacy of World War II and Germany’s Nazi regime…Topping even the creation of Israel, which to this day is rationalized by the United Nations and pretty much all Western powers mainly on the grounds that Jews have land rights from some divine real estate deal struck between them and the “god” imaginary deity they invented thousands of years ago proclaiming themselves its “chosen people.” A deed that not only makes it acceptable but necessary for Jews to be imported from all over the world — regardless of current nationality or ancient roots in whatever other continent — to the “promised land” at the expense of Palestinian locals who had been living there since as long as they or anyone can remember — and who mind you likely include many former Jews who at some point converted or migrated into some other religion and culture as humans of all backgrounds have throughout history.

But I digress…

The worst legacy of Nazism and the mindset that followed its demise is the fact that I’m really not supposed to state the facts I just did. Speaking the truth? What am I thinking? How politically incorrect is that?

I doubt even the Catholic Church — the would-be worst offshoot of Judaism had it not been for Islam which hands down can claim the title of Most Absurd and Oppressive Judaism-based Religion — has ever managed to silence otherwise intelligent minds more than Political Correctness.

Since my people were also rounded off and killed in the Holocaust, regardless of the lack of “exact” numbers on how many of us homosexuals perished or had lives ruined by the Nazis unlike our Jewish campus buddies who are certain six million of them did, I’m hoping PC’s unspoken rules will make it a little more ok for me to actually get into a few more facts here. After all, killing one or six million anyones in the horrific way Nazis eliminated those they didn’t like is certainly unacceptable, so who’s counting really.

Would it be ok for me to mention here for example that the roots of anti homosexual hatred actually lie in Judaism? The infamous Leviticus entries which make it an abomination for a man to lie with another man — equating it with comparable horrors as eating shellfish while outlining exactly what kind of slaves god allows one to own.

Is it ok to highlight the fact that Islam is a direct adoption of Judaism, made slightly worse as it was localized for illiterate Arab Bedouins? Can I straightforwardly say that all the second-classing of women, dehumanization of homosexuals, extreme sense of self-righteousness and other revolting staples of Islam are directly taken from the Old Testament?

Christianity was meant by its founder — likely gay social reformer Jesus — as a revolution to fully topple the horrors of the Old Testament. It ended up being a diluted version of the original though with only some Buddhist principles infused when the horrific entity that is the Church emerged.

See I didn’t ask if I can say that last part since I think I’ll likely get away with the “horrific entity that is the Church” statement. Maybe because its horrors are more widely acknowledged as such, or because Catholics seem way less sensitive to honest criticism, PC rules leave it up to the individual to decide what levels of honesty one chooses to utilize when discussing Pope and Co.

But I digress again…

The Politically Correct world we now live in — following the demise of Nazism and triumph of various liberation movements in the US which actually freed the slaves god had allowed his American adherents to own for centuries — is mostly dangerous today because it’s allowing another oppressive absurdity to take root. Can I say that I mean Islam?

Otherwise intelligent and decent people everywhere are too scared these days to even think of the obvious let alone speak it. That sounds like humanity being terrorized again to me. We are not allowed to honestly debate anything. We are supposed to adhere to drone mentalities on the left that proclaim all religions “equal” and anything done in the name of “faith” acceptable. The one exception currently applies to acts that actually kill people. But moving in hordes of one religious group into the country of others, forcing women into second class status in so many forms from inheritance laws to dress codes and rights to basic personal adult decision making, and dehumanizing homosexuals to the legal status of perverted sex objects is all ok so long as some version of the imaginary deity in the sky said so.

And we’re not allowed to say that one or the other version of the god delusion is more oppressive and even less compatible with human dignity.

We’re not allowed to be offended by organized religion, no matter how offensive organized religion and the organized religious continue to self-righteously be. Even if we fall into a category of people that faces the death penalty for being who we are, homosexuals for example are not supposed to outright lash out at the absurdity of Islam. Or the hypocrisy of the Church. Or the roots of hating us stemming from Judaism.

I myself just made sure I mentioned all three monotheistic absurdities in my last sentence. Attempting to make it clear all religions are dehumanizing delusions in my feeble attempt to cater to political correctness. I also must throw in that I am fully aware that individuals from each of the three delusions are not to be judged on the basis of their religion of origin, but that’s a whole other topic for another time.

Humanity needs to shed the religion of Political Correctness as fast as possible to avoid deteriorating into fresh dark ages. Genuine thought and free expression need to replace the draconian rules we now have to consider every time we speak. The dangers of not doing that are becoming more and more evident…A world where Christianity was rightly shed in the West only to be replaced by the tyranny of Jewish lobbyists and Moslem cry babies who will no doubt destroy any and all enlightenment gained since it started being less dangerous for me and others to bash the Church as I just did…

Enough already.