Did he really mean Dorian Gay?

Earlier today I posted on a friend’s Facebook status that we can pretty much blame indoctrination for blocking humans from being natural and smart. A few hours later I found myself at a movie theatre watching Dorian Gray — the latest cinematic adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s renowned novel. I came out thinking Oscar must have agreed with me, and likely came up with his identical conclusions having lived the life of a homosexual back in 19th century England — not much different in that regards from the one I’m experiencing today in modern day Lebanon and the rest of the world.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read the Picture of Dorian Gray, which essentially chronicles the life of a man whose nature and personal decisions would have likely led to a level of happiness and self actualization over his lifetime. Instead, social “norms” and other cultural pressures turned him into a monster whose first victim was himself — along with countless others swept along the way.

I am now left wondering whether I surmised this overall message because of my general mindset, and not so modest identification with Oscar Wilde ever since I learned his life story — again through the movie Wilde I must once more confess and not through much reading…Or was Oscar essentially writing about the universal Gay experience? A life where homosexuals who naturally want nothing more than the same kind of human affection and happiness sought by everyone else end up in a perpetual haze of promiscuity and deception destroying them and so many they love or not along the way.

I know you’re thinking the word gay did not start being used as a reference to homosexuals until more recently. That, of course, being what came to my mind…In the age of Google and Wikepidia however it took all of less than a minute for me to find out that the term “began to be used in reference to homosexuality from the early 20th century, a usage that may have dated prior to the 19th century.” That would be Oscar’s time, and one would be inclined to think he was privy to that connotation and “discrete” enough in his titling of the novel as well as his metaphors to “mask” the full meaning in the main character’s name.

As my mom who saw the movie with me tonight quickly insisted on pointing out, what Dorian experienced does happen to people of all walks of life and sexual orientations. Granted. But it just happens all the time to us homosexuals. And I do mean all the time…

Maybe I’m just rambling here…Or maybe I’m on to something…After all, Oscar and I do come from the same breed — that of the enlightened, stronger, and smarter homosexuals. And our lives have encountered very similar hurdles to say the least. We just might understand each other and have some kind of cross century connection…

Did I mention I too am also extra fond of myself? Or did that just come across on its own?


3 Responses to “Did he really mean Dorian Gay?”

  1. Tarek Says:

    I await the masterpieces of Sir Jean (Wilde V2.0)!

  2. Brigitte Khair Mountain Says:

    I really found it refreshingly funny. You’re at your best when caustic (not about religion and God), but about life.
    Enjoyed reading it.

  3. Kate Says:

    More of this, less of the God mongering – agree with Brigitte, you have a unique perspective and we should hear more on it.

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