Another one bites the dust…

October 14, 2011

I remember my cousin mentioning the Queen classic was being pulled out of some sports event it was customarily played at as it was deemed inappropriate for it so soon after lead singer Freddy Mercury’s death from AIDS. This was the late 1980s and “Another One Bites the Dust” had particularly eerie meaning coming from the voice of one of the more prominent artists among the many who had their lives cut short during that horrible decade when the disease emerged…

Mercury, who was gay, had released the song in 1980 — before anyone had ever heard of HIV or AIDS — and it likely referred to his and pretty much every other gay man’s near impossible quest for lasting love and companionship. Ironically, that would be the core reason behind the AIDS epidemic first spreading in homosexual ghettos as that reality meant gays led overly promiscuous lives quite conducive to infection sharing.

Mercury of course had no way of knowing his all-time best selling record would hold much deeper meaning only a few years after it “came out,” if you’ll excuse the pun! Nor that it would also come to symbolize — in my mind anyway — another gay “community” related phenomenon: The “found killed in his apartment” one.

From a few somewhat high profile cases to relatively frequent random ones, homosexuals — in Lebanon at least from what we here personally notice though this is likely a global issue — end up dead in our homes, often at a young age, under “mysterious theft-related circumstances” as “discrete” police reports tend to “conclude.”

Those of us living alone — not so much the norm in this country for single people who mostly remain in the family household — seem particularly vulnerable for the obvious reason that we are more readily able to let strangers into our homes for that occasional quickie that tides us over physically as we perpetually deny ourselves the right to love.

Us “have place” people, as most refer to themselves on the gay cruising websites, have the “advantage” of a location for sex, which comes with the minor inconvenience that we are at higher risk for various forms of assault or murder by the other mostly gay people we let in for that.

To be clear, these are not “hate crimes” of any sort — at least not in the conventional sense as we really are killed mainly by other homosexuals in those situations. Granted it can be argued that it’s homosexuals who hate themselves who do this, yet these are not so much anti gay killings as they are opportunistic ones. Homos — the absolute vast majority of whom are totally hiding who they are from almost everyone — will likely not tell anyone they’re “receiving” as they let in someone they only “met” often in the past hour or so online and getting them in vulnerable positions in that context becomes somewhat easy.

To be extra clear: these situations too are a direct outcome of homosexuals failing to establish foundations for lasting love and companionship — in the process subjecting ourselves to the dangers of extreme promiscuity ranging from minor sexually-transmitted-diseases to the ultimate price of our lives being taken by some anonymous person we picked up for sex on a street corner or online.

We essentially live like pigs. And we pay the price for it. From never-ending emotional distress, to loneliness, extreme vanity, diseases of various sorts all the way to early death by self-loathing or despair-induced suicide and murder. Studies have repeatedly found that we homos by far lead everyone else in those categories, even far more than so many of us in the fashion industry dazzle the world with our “fabulous” sense of style!

There is a reason for all this, and its core at least is totally not our fault though its perpetuity most often completely is.

The closet.

The much protected and blindly defended “right” to essentially lie about who we are throughout our lives really means most of us never quite build character nor a spine, and end up expressing who we are exclusively in sexual terms.

And our refusal to introspect about this only exacerbates the situation and guarantees its perpetuity.

As homosexuals fiercely protect their “private lives” as most like to refer to who they are, their entire lives tend to slip by either literally or metaphorically while they wonder why they’re wallowing in a dead end of non relationships, general underachievement and misery.

One excuse after another is readily recited by almost all. Promiscuity, they tell you, is not a gay thing. Heterosexuals are promiscuous too and men are just like that by nature, they insist. If heterosexual men could have as much sex as we do, well they certainly would.

Why tell anyone we’re gay? Heterosexuals don’t “declare” they’re hetero do they? Conveniently oblivious to the fact that heterosexuals lead normal lives free from self-loathing because of who they are or social/legal pressures to deny themselves.

Homosexuals will find the Romeo and Juliet scenario where open loving was made difficult because of different religious faith, family backgrounds or whatever and insist our problems are “common” to heterosexuals as well.

They will point out the most promiscuous men and women around, insisting heteros live as we do.

And most of all, they will staunchly deny that the closet has anything to do with our miserable state — insisting it is necessary so as they not “hurt” their parents or lose their “friends.” And that they are “happy” in their lives…

The levels of denial are plainly staggering among the gays, and I suspect should any studies on the subject ever be conducted that we would lead the world in this category as well!

Now of course in certain circumstances coming out may have detrimental ramifications. In places like Saudi Arabia or Iran, people could lose their lives. In certain social or professional contexts in Lebanon or even the “developed” world, a homosexual person may pay a higher than manageable price for openly respecting who they are.

But the fact remains that in so many cases staying in the closet — permanently — is simply an act of succumbing, stemming from self loathing and cowardice. Its main outcome is personal failure. That’s followed by collective gay “misery” of sorts as even openly gay homosexuals fail to find acceptable dating pools from which a companion or life partner may emerge.

Our invisibility has potentially “worse” repercussions as well. It not only makes it impossible for us to actually “live” in our closets, but allows our dehumanization by religious authorities and general masses to thrive. The parents, siblings, families, friends and colleagues of most homosexuals usually have no idea they have a homosexual among them. One they often like. One who can enlighten them about the fact that homosexuality is not about perverted sexual preferences, as they tend to believe, but about the same basic human need to love and be loved. Only in our cases by someone of the same sex.

As homosexuals appease their seemingly hostile environments with their “discretion” (their preferred euphemism for hypocrisy) about who they are, they’re really just ensuring those social circles never evolve or ever understand our right to be. That they never provide us with essential social support for relationships to survive and grow in the open, instead of their buds shriveling up and dying in the dark leaving us permanently alone in the process while our heterosexual loved ones lead full lives.

Also, as gay groups continue to focus their lobbying efforts on abolishing laws against homosexual sex acts, they really fail to raise awareness of the core issue: Our basic humanity. Our need to be. To live. Our commonness with the rest of society. The fact that our self-destructive promiscuous lifestyles are results of society denying us the right to be, and not a product of any unique insatiable sexual appetite. That we really are just like everyone else. And only want what everyone else takes for granted: A life.

Just this week a heterosexual friend of mine informed me over lunch that a 38 year-old gay acquaintance of hers has been found killed in his apartment, joining the ranks of several others we both know personally.

“Why can’t gay people just understand that they have a right to love and be loved,” she said. “And when will you and all the other gays I know stop receiving strangers in your homes for sex.”

Yes indeed, when will we?


The world’s newest religion just might be its worst…

July 7, 2010

It’s likely the worst legacy of World War II and Germany’s Nazi regime…Topping even the creation of Israel, which to this day is rationalized by the United Nations and pretty much all Western powers mainly on the grounds that Jews have land rights from some divine real estate deal struck between them and the “god” imaginary deity they invented thousands of years ago proclaiming themselves its “chosen people.” A deed that not only makes it acceptable but necessary for Jews to be imported from all over the world — regardless of current nationality or ancient roots in whatever other continent — to the “promised land” at the expense of Palestinian locals who had been living there since as long as they or anyone can remember — and who mind you likely include many former Jews who at some point converted or migrated into some other religion and culture as humans of all backgrounds have throughout history.

But I digress…

The worst legacy of Nazism and the mindset that followed its demise is the fact that I’m really not supposed to state the facts I just did. Speaking the truth? What am I thinking? How politically incorrect is that?

I doubt even the Catholic Church — the would-be worst offshoot of Judaism had it not been for Islam which hands down can claim the title of Most Absurd and Oppressive Judaism-based Religion — has ever managed to silence otherwise intelligent minds more than Political Correctness.

Since my people were also rounded off and killed in the Holocaust, regardless of the lack of “exact” numbers on how many of us homosexuals perished or had lives ruined by the Nazis unlike our Jewish campus buddies who are certain six million of them did, I’m hoping PC’s unspoken rules will make it a little more ok for me to actually get into a few more facts here. After all, killing one or six million anyones in the horrific way Nazis eliminated those they didn’t like is certainly unacceptable, so who’s counting really.

Would it be ok for me to mention here for example that the roots of anti homosexual hatred actually lie in Judaism? The infamous Leviticus entries which make it an abomination for a man to lie with another man — equating it with comparable horrors as eating shellfish while outlining exactly what kind of slaves god allows one to own.

Is it ok to highlight the fact that Islam is a direct adoption of Judaism, made slightly worse as it was localized for illiterate Arab Bedouins? Can I straightforwardly say that all the second-classing of women, dehumanization of homosexuals, extreme sense of self-righteousness and other revolting staples of Islam are directly taken from the Old Testament?

Christianity was meant by its founder — likely gay social reformer Jesus — as a revolution to fully topple the horrors of the Old Testament. It ended up being a diluted version of the original though with only some Buddhist principles infused when the horrific entity that is the Church emerged.

See I didn’t ask if I can say that last part since I think I’ll likely get away with the “horrific entity that is the Church” statement. Maybe because its horrors are more widely acknowledged as such, or because Catholics seem way less sensitive to honest criticism, PC rules leave it up to the individual to decide what levels of honesty one chooses to utilize when discussing Pope and Co.

But I digress again…

The Politically Correct world we now live in — following the demise of Nazism and triumph of various liberation movements in the US which actually freed the slaves god had allowed his American adherents to own for centuries — is mostly dangerous today because it’s allowing another oppressive absurdity to take root. Can I say that I mean Islam?

Otherwise intelligent and decent people everywhere are too scared these days to even think of the obvious let alone speak it. That sounds like humanity being terrorized again to me. We are not allowed to honestly debate anything. We are supposed to adhere to drone mentalities on the left that proclaim all religions “equal” and anything done in the name of “faith” acceptable. The one exception currently applies to acts that actually kill people. But moving in hordes of one religious group into the country of others, forcing women into second class status in so many forms from inheritance laws to dress codes and rights to basic personal adult decision making, and dehumanizing homosexuals to the legal status of perverted sex objects is all ok so long as some version of the imaginary deity in the sky said so.

And we’re not allowed to say that one or the other version of the god delusion is more oppressive and even less compatible with human dignity.

We’re not allowed to be offended by organized religion, no matter how offensive organized religion and the organized religious continue to self-righteously be. Even if we fall into a category of people that faces the death penalty for being who we are, homosexuals for example are not supposed to outright lash out at the absurdity of Islam. Or the hypocrisy of the Church. Or the roots of hating us stemming from Judaism.

I myself just made sure I mentioned all three monotheistic absurdities in my last sentence. Attempting to make it clear all religions are dehumanizing delusions in my feeble attempt to cater to political correctness. I also must throw in that I am fully aware that individuals from each of the three delusions are not to be judged on the basis of their religion of origin, but that’s a whole other topic for another time.

Humanity needs to shed the religion of Political Correctness as fast as possible to avoid deteriorating into fresh dark ages. Genuine thought and free expression need to replace the draconian rules we now have to consider every time we speak. The dangers of not doing that are becoming more and more evident…A world where Christianity was rightly shed in the West only to be replaced by the tyranny of Jewish lobbyists and Moslem cry babies who will no doubt destroy any and all enlightenment gained since it started being less dangerous for me and others to bash the Church as I just did…

Enough already.

Did he really mean Dorian Gay?

April 5, 2010

Earlier today I posted on a friend’s Facebook status that we can pretty much blame indoctrination for blocking humans from being natural and smart. A few hours later I found myself at a movie theatre watching Dorian Gray — the latest cinematic adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s renowned novel. I came out thinking Oscar must have agreed with me, and likely came up with his identical conclusions having lived the life of a homosexual back in 19th century England — not much different in that regards from the one I’m experiencing today in modern day Lebanon and the rest of the world.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read the Picture of Dorian Gray, which essentially chronicles the life of a man whose nature and personal decisions would have likely led to a level of happiness and self actualization over his lifetime. Instead, social “norms” and other cultural pressures turned him into a monster whose first victim was himself — along with countless others swept along the way.

I am now left wondering whether I surmised this overall message because of my general mindset, and not so modest identification with Oscar Wilde ever since I learned his life story — again through the movie Wilde I must once more confess and not through much reading…Or was Oscar essentially writing about the universal Gay experience? A life where homosexuals who naturally want nothing more than the same kind of human affection and happiness sought by everyone else end up in a perpetual haze of promiscuity and deception destroying them and so many they love or not along the way.

I know you’re thinking the word gay did not start being used as a reference to homosexuals until more recently. That, of course, being what came to my mind…In the age of Google and Wikepidia however it took all of less than a minute for me to find out that the term “began to be used in reference to homosexuality from the early 20th century, a usage that may have dated prior to the 19th century.” That would be Oscar’s time, and one would be inclined to think he was privy to that connotation and “discrete” enough in his titling of the novel as well as his metaphors to “mask” the full meaning in the main character’s name.

As my mom who saw the movie with me tonight quickly insisted on pointing out, what Dorian experienced does happen to people of all walks of life and sexual orientations. Granted. But it just happens all the time to us homosexuals. And I do mean all the time…

Maybe I’m just rambling here…Or maybe I’m on to something…After all, Oscar and I do come from the same breed — that of the enlightened, stronger, and smarter homosexuals. And our lives have encountered very similar hurdles to say the least. We just might understand each other and have some kind of cross century connection…

Did I mention I too am also extra fond of myself? Or did that just come across on its own?

The day the world’s richest man changed my life…

March 17, 2010

Shortly after a brief Wikipedia-extracted introduction by an eager to please American University of Beirut executive who brushed on his “altruism” — a trait he himself has never claimed nor pretended to have — the world’s richest man stood up to address a relatively small audience of mostly ancestral compatriots packed into a mini auditorium at what one student later described as the “Harvard” of the Middle East.

To his credit, no cliches came out of his speech during the one and a half hours that ensued, though several more popped up — mostly from the audience — in the generous Questions & Answers part — including one from a woman who swiftly presented a mini business plan for a recycling and green energy production project.

I was, I must say, beyond impressed by the world’s richest man — who it turns out is also a brilliant self-made humanist whose intellect and tact are likely worth every penny to his name and more.

Those who know me can probably attest to my generally lack of particular interest in people with money and power. A few specific chit-chats with two other members of Carlos Slim Helu’s exclusive club of world billionaires come to mind — both of which left me thinking I at least have been blessed with more wits and morality.

Not Slim though. This was someone whose persona one couldn’t but respect — and dare I say admire. Someone I felt I should learn a lesson or two from — at least in the art of straightforward diplomacy. Does the term exist or did he just inspire me to make it up?

Standing up to talk about “The New Civilization of Knowledge and Technology”, Slim managed to provide a brief history of how “monolithic societies” of the past which saw masses of poor and slaves serve the interests of few higher ups who drew their power from “divine” claims have now been replaced by a world where knowledge and wealth are required among the former poor in order to keep the world’s rich at the top of the economic chain.

I paraphrase of course, but that was the gist.

He repeated over and over how in the past, societies from those that emerged at the onslaught of agriculture — through technological advances of the Bronze, Iron and other industrial ages of their day — relied on the ignorance of the masses to fuel economic prosperity of the few — again alluding to religious domination of intellects, “morality” and overall power.

Two thousand years ago, he said, Christianity was needed to alleviate poverty that was required at the time because of the socio-cultural realities of the day. Now, “a new” culture of human rights, morality and mainly knowledge is necessary for post 20th Century globalized world to grow — not just socially but economically as well.

Knowledge and escaping poverty are no longer social goals, but economic ones imperative for the wheels of our globalized world to turn. “Education, Education, Education”, he repeated — stressing how it’s even necessary to start teaching children at the age of one maybe instead of five as is now customary.

Later brushing on how “our ancestors the Phoenicians” — no doubt to the dismay of several at Left-leaning AUB — were the first forces of globalization in history back when they globalized the Mediterranean with the ship — their era’s main communication tool.

Then he spoke to me directly. Ok, so I actually had to raise my hand, wait for the microphone and finally speak to him first…But what he did for me was probably life-altering. Carlos Slim Helu has taught me that I can probably achieve more if I manage a level of, what did I call it again, straightforward diplomacy. My parents, friends and anyone who ever cared about me has been trying to get that through my head for as long as I can remember. Mr. Slim has finally done it.

My question, to be clear, was something like this: Mr Slim, my name is Jean Akouri (mentioned to pay lip service to the politically correct era we live in where my signaled Catholic heritage would make my question a little less “offensive” to the audience at least) and I was quite impressed with what you said. I want to clarify though that I understood you correctly and did not simply hear what I want to hear. I’ll do that with a question. Do you believe organized religion and entities like the Catholic Church are blocking access to the knowledge you have explained is vital for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty with such positions as those against family planning?

The gist of his answer? Organized religion and the Catholic Church are no more negative forces than other establishments throughout history that have impacted human development. We also live in democracies today where people have the choice to follow whatever positions they want.

Straightforward Diplomacy…That will be my motto from now on. And I will make sure I remember it. Thank you Sir.